Expanding the Cosmos into a new dYmension.

dYmension's blockchain platform is a modular settlement layer which provides all the tools and infrastructure needed to easily launch enshrined rollups as part of the Cosmos eco-system. Opening a whole new dYmension of decentralized use cases.

Scale & Cost

Common rollup implementations are bottlenecked by generic underlying layers which are not designed with rollups in mind.

By embedding rollup logic in the protocol level and accepting only basic transfers and rollup related transactions, dYmension's solution dramatically increases scale and maximizes gas efficiency. 

Inter-Connected & Autonomous

dYmension will provide all the tools and infrastructure needed to easily build, launch and run an autonomous rollup, interconnected with other rollups. Using dYmension Rollup Development Kit (RDK) developers can focus on their business logic needs.

Increased Security

dYmension's chain and rollup communication are native by design, eliminating all risks of buggy smart contracts, bridges and malicious governance.

dYmension is to rollups as Cosmos is to blockchains.

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